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Each year billions of dollars are distributed to the general public through government, federal and private funding programs in the form of, low interest and no-interest loans. Unfortunately, many people don’t even know these programs exist or don’t have the resources or tools necessary to locate and apply for them. We will quickly help you apply for funds you need, starting today!

Our Vision

“Greatness can only be achieved by assisting others in reaching their full potential – business and personal.”  It is with those principles that we invite you to bring your “Vision,” and together with our vision of assisting you in reaching your greater potential, together we can build a financial map that will assist you in bringing your vision in to focus and reality. With our commercial finance options, “Your Vision is Our Vision.”

Our Mission

Our objective is to empower businesses of all types.

No doubt about it!  Money is one of the most powerful tools available to enhance and increase the success of your business. In order for your business to thrive, you must have money!  We create access to money that empowers commercial business owners large and small,  Great credit, less than perfect credit, and quite often, not so good credit. This allows businesses of all types the ability to thrive in the greater Arizona area, and across the US. Even when they have been turned down for financing in the past!

Our Core Values

  • Excellence  Delivering in an outstanding manner, consistently. Excellence is a mantra embedded in the heart of every business person. We go several steps beyond the norm to deliver measurable value to our stakeholders.
  • Execution  A burning desire to always see things through to completion in a timely, efficient and effective manner. We believe in hard work and seeing through ideas from conception all through to achieving excellent results.
  •  Integrity  We are fair in our judgment. It is of paramount importance that we remain honest and show an uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.
  •  Innovation  We value innovation and creativity. Our support is glued to applications of a better solution that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs.

Why Our Clients Loves Us?

These days, there are simply too many fees and upfront costs associated with most lending sources. Those fees and costs get them paid and get you spending money in which the results are lost value.  We are so committed to achieving results, only AFTER we get results, and your value has been realized, are we compensated. Though “money-grab” operations are commonplace in the financial space, Visionmap Capital Resources chooses not to participate in that method of doing business with our valued clients. We are convinced that if we are unable to get results, there is no need to accumulate unnecessary charges.  In short, we don’t get paid unless you do!  In addition, we are committed to meeting our customer’s needs quickly. We understand the fact that life doesn’t wait, neither should you.  Click Here



Our online loan application can be completed within 2 minutes and a loan application feedback is sent to you after we access your application.


Flexibility to find the loan that is tailored to fit your business needs, with the best terms available.

 Swift and Easy

You may not believe it, but the application process is very swift and easy.

Great Rates

Though rates change quickly, our database has over 70 different lenders across the US accessing the best rates available, at any given time, starting with prime rates.

Loans to $40 Million+

Our goal is to develop lasting relationships, and support commercial business clients with business loans from $5,000 – $40,000,000,+ in the greater Arizona area and across the US.

Safe and Secure

Apply for and manage your loan with us. We use 128-bit SSL protection and strict, high levels of security & encryption standards to keep all your information safe.

Check out some of our more popular financing options, and see which one is best for you!

After browsing our most popular selection of financing products below. A Visionmap Capital Resources associate will be happy to assist you further.

NO. 1 Accounts Receivable Finance

 To stay competitive in the business world, your business needs access to flexible commercial financing solutions. One smart avenue of funding you should have is accounts receivable financing. Visionmap Capital Resources offers financing receivables to businesses that bill clients for products or services by supplying them with discounted invoices.

NO. 2 Fix & Flip and Commercial Property Financing of All Types








The commercial property encompasses both owner-occupied buildings and investment properties. The amount of commercial real estate financing you’ll need in Greater Phoenix, AZ, varies depending on the building size and cost. Whether you need financing for a small building or a towering skyscraper, Visionmap Capital Resources has the financial solutions you need.

NO. 3 Consumer Finance

Consumer credit card services can help businesses increase their sales and build strong customer bases. That is why Visionmap Capital Resources offers consumer finance packages to companies of all sizes. With the support of our consumer credit programs, you can build awareness of your brand and attract loyal customers who patronize your business for years to come.

NO. 4 Equipment Lease & Purchase Financing or Sale-Leaseback

Imagine perfecting your business plan, hiring the right employees who will elevate your vision, and developing a strong marketing campaign. What’s missing? It could be that you don’t have all the equipment your company requires to adequately fulfill your customers’ or clients’ needs. Thankfully, Visionmap Capital Resources is here to help you out with quality business equipment financing in Greater Phoenix, AZ.

NO. 5 Franchise Financing

When you want to start a business, there are many types of business options available. One popular way to get started quickly is to open up a franchise. Visionmap Capital Resources has franchise financing to get your dream started.

NO. 6 Health Care Financing

Running a health care practice often requires more working capital than you have on hand. Our health care financing services in Greater Phoenix, AZ, are a great way to overcome this difficulty. You can use the financing we provide for a multitude of applications, such as acquisitions, debt consolidation, and equipment procurement.

NO. 7 Merchant Cash Advances

At Visionmap Capital Resources, we know merchant businesses go through cycles of boom and bust. This typically follows market trends and seasonal offerings, but with the right financing, your small business does not need to worry about downturns. A merchant cash advance from Visionmap Capital Resources in Greater Phoenix, AZ, can elevate your business operations in the short term and allow you to tackle opportunities on the horizon with confidence.

NO. 8 Purchase Order Financing

Grow Your Business With Purchase Financing, If your business needs help acquiring financing for pre-sold goods, Visionmap Capital Resources can help. We have purchase order financing that is flexible enough to work for a variety of companies. Here is what you need to know.

NO. 9 Private/ Small business Loan

Running a health care practice often requires more working capital than you have on hand. Our health care financing services in Greater Phoenix, AZ, are a great way to overcome this difficulty. You can use the financing we provide for a multitude of applications, such as acquisitions, debt consolidation, and equipment procurement.

NO. 10 Stated Income Loans

A Stated Income Loan Has Benefits for Commercial Real Estate

At Visionmap Capital Resources, we offer stated income loans throughout Greater Phoenix, AZ, to help you purchase and improve real estate property, build working capital, consolidate debt, and refinance. Your credit score and history may have turned you down for a conventional business loan, but a stated income commercial real estate loan may be the solution.

NO. 11 Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Unsecured business lines of credit can give your business access to the money it needs. To qualify, Visionmap Capital Resources uses the profitability of the business and your credit profile. The financial solution doesn’t require any collateral to qualify. Established and startup businesses have different reasons for having a line of credit.

No. 12 Long and Short Term Investment Properties

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