Get Better Work by Cultivating Workplace Creativity

We live in a modern society where, in many ways, ideas are a form of currency. We have entire industries dedicated to “building a better mousetrap,” and efficient production of goods and the delivery of services has been perfected, bested, and perfected over and over. At the root of all this progress is one common thing, regardless of industry: creative ideas. No matter what your business does, fostering creativity can lead to innovations that can change your company or even the world! Here are some ways to help your employees reach their creative peaks.

Inspiration Through Design and Layout

Studies have repeatedly shown that, unsurprisingly, people’s work environments affect their productivity and creativity. Soothing colors and open spaces help people feel at ease. Communal areas where people can collaborate and socialize help spur synergy. Windows and natural light are very important. Fluorescent lights play tricks on the brain and have been shown to make people feel angry or even violent. If natural light is not an option, dim lamps on cool or earth-tone-colored walls are a good alternative. It is also important to have private spaces where people can hunker down and focus on work when they need to. The option to move about freely between open and private spaces work wonders for creativity.

Encouraging Management Techniques

Managers should adopt a “default-to-yes” attitude and encourage employees to take big swings and pitch ideas without fear of being shot down outright or ridiculed. A good leader knows that great ideas can come from everyone from the janitor to the CEO and everywhere in between. Let staff function without fear of failure.

Creative Motivation

Incentivizing innovation can be challenging, but good leaders know how to make it part of everyday routine in a creative workplace. Schedule weekly brainstorming sessions and pose the question, “If we were to (blank), how would we do it, and what would it look like? This will steer people towards automatically thinking creatively and positively.

Positive Side Effects of Nurturing Innovation

People working in a creative environment tend to not only be more productive and efficient but also healthier and less likely to call in sick. They are happier, more upbeat, and more welcoming of new employees. They will also be cheerleaders for your company and represent you well in public.

A creative work environment is a healthy, happy, positive, and productive one. Use these tips to help foster an innovative atmosphere in your workplace!


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