How Financing Helps Medical Practices

Running a health care practice often requires more working capital than you have on hand. Our health care financing services in Greater Phoenix, AZ, are a great way to overcome this difficulty. You can use the financing we provide for a multitude of applications, such as acquisitions, debt consolidation, and equipment procurement.

Practice Acquisitions

When you want to grow your practice, one easy way is to buy out a partner or acquire a similar practice near you. Qualified medical practitioners can earn up to 100% financing through our program.

Consolidating Debt

Medical practices tend to accrue debt. This can leave you with multiple monthly payments at varying interest rates. Instead of handling these disparate accounts, you can use the health care financing services at Visionmap Capital Resources in Greater Phoenix, AZ, to consolidate your debts into one monthly payment. Depending on your qualifications, you could even reduce your interest rates.

Equipment Rentals

Medical equipment comes at a high cost and it might be easier for you to rent the equipment your practice needs. This may require more working capital than you have on hand. With our medical practice financing, you may be able to cover up to 50% of soft costs for your rentals.

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